Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Evolutionists' mental limits : why they never asked when first minerals evolved

Ironically, mainstream evolutionists weren't (and still aren't !) really comfortable about Evolution's ever dynamic change and diversity : they fear it and seek, intellectually, to reduce it to as small amount as possible, at least inside their minds.
So not only did they claim that any new biological species must take millions of years to emerge, they also clung to Sir Charles Lyell's comforting myth that even slow geological activities were the same in the distant past, and will be in the distant future, as they are today : a soothing basic stability.

So : all the minerals (basically, crystalline compounds) had always been everywhere and always in the universe, apparently, and always would be : they stood outside evolution, change, time.

So minerals were not thought of as temporal, rare and fragile like Life and Biology but rather as always existing and universal : endlessly abundant and impossible to make, break or totally consume.

Sub sub atomic particles, alone, perhaps fit that description.

But even pure elemental atoms emerged very very slowly over time after the Big Bang, birthed by the death of successions of stars exploding out ever heavier (in terms of atomic weight) elements.

But other than the early diamond crystals, all of the Universe & Earth's actual minerals came much much later.

Most of the Earth's almost 5000 known minerals happened step by step over time through combined chemical, physical and finally biological processes interacting in feedback systems.

Most importantly, most of these minerals never seemed to have emerged at all on any other planets than Earth, because those planets lacked all of Earth's seemingly unique combination of rare features, a few among them being a magnetic field shielding effect, tectonic activity and Life itself.

Even where microbes, animals and plans don't do much, directly, to create new essential minerals for humanity, they still tended to be key in producing ores - which are energy-efficient concentrations of essential minerals.

Because while gold is very abundant in ocean water, we humans simply can't afford to extract it, one atom at a time --- ore 'bodies' are the host bodies that we parasite humans must mostly prey upon.

And often those mineral ore bodies were microbe created.

Or consider that the fact that the ore bodies of hydrocarbon rich biological-oriented oil and coal were one time accidents and mistakes and are not endlessly abundant energy sources that the Earth is still making and will always be making.

If mainstream evolutionists had realized that the minerals essential to human civilizations were dependent on fragile Earthly life and won't be found on planets like Mars and Venus, they might not be so cavalier about how they mistreat Life on Earth, confident that they can always make oxygen and food 'out of rock'...

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