Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump Moscow's "Manchurian Candidate" ?

When I was a little kid, more than fifty years now, I had a good laugh about the absurd plotline of both the book and original movie of The Manchurian Candidate.

As it there would ever be a fervently right wing White House bound Republican candidate actually having all his strings pulled by Moscow !

But now Donald Trump and his campaign manager's fondness for the current Russian strongman, together with rumours of the real estate tycoon's past possible associations with the local Russian Mob, has made me regret my youthful certitude.

Nothing, it seems, is ever impossible in America -- and the fiction writers and Hollywood simply have to try much harder to keep ahead of reality....

reductionist Eugenics, born and throttled at Cold Spring Harbour ...

Nobody in the American scientific-corporate-medical-government cartel controlling the fate of the Allies' wartime penicillin wanted to hear from him.

However, Dr Miroslav Demerec, the new director of New York's Cold Spring Harbour eugenics labs, those ever vigilant guardians of the racial purity of America, still thought he might have a solution to the desperate shortfall in natural penicillin production available to heal all of the sick and dying, the 'unfit' as well as the fit (!)

Monday, August 8, 2016

What would Henry do ?

We all have our own very good reasons for not helping suffering humanity:
  • We are so overworked on the job that we simply lack the time and energy.
  • Our bosses are really tightening down on us - or our all-powerful government is.
  • There are restrictions on where we can travel, what we can write, what we can do.
  • We have a lot of little kids to raise - or a handicapped spouse.
  • Or maybe we're dying of a painfully debilitating disease
Or maybe 'all of the above' : like WWII's Dr Martin Henry Dawson.

Still believe that just one person --- one overworked, over-burdened, over-censored, over-restricted and over-dying person --- can't possibly change our whole world, for the better, forever ?

wartime Penicillin : controlled by the few, granted to the few -- or controlled by no one and a right of all ?

Simply substitute "Life" for "Penicillin" and very few would have any problem with the above title.

For we all know that WWII was all about the Allied 'good guys' liberating the world from the threat of Axis death camps.

Auschwitz was fully their mistake, not ours.

But unfortunately for our moral comfort, the Axis had nothing to do with wartime penicillin, that was entirely an Allied show.

And almost our really big mistake, not theirs....

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pure Modernity, circa 1870s -1960s : winnowing Life's answers, keeping the correct and discarding the wrong

Lets face it, if you already know the correct answers to all of the Future's questions, why keep the wrong answers hanging about ?

So don't go calling it genocide, Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, forced euthanasia or eugenics --- just call it 'good housekeeping'.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pure Modernity becomes Diverse Modernity : Dawson's legacy ?

The original Modernity (Pure Modernity) had very high hopes indeed for 'purifying' all of Life's gene pools, though to judge by their 'success' with the English Bulldog, that would only have resulted in pure-breeding Humanity and Nature into rapid extinction.

By contrast, scientist Martin Henry Dawson's study of bacterial diversity had convinced him that the most successful lifeforms throughout history, the microbes, had survived four billion years because they evolved to support the widest possible amount of diversity.

In particular, the microbes survived dire change because they deliberately sustaining even those strains judged by scientists to be useless degenerate defective failures.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Japanese Muscularity, 1890s-1940s : Japanese culture becomes extraordinarily hands-on brutal

In an age surely dominated by the machine (and the machine gun) what stands out instead about the era of Muscular Modernity was the rise of the subtly implied threat of old fashioned physical violence, used as a casual instrument of control by parents, teachers, bosses and competitors all through the Westernized world.

But only in one highly westernized part of the Orient, Japan, did this turn into the frequent and casual use of actual hands-on physical violence as a form of social control.