Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PD sunshine & penicillin hated by Big Oil and Big Pharma

The same sort of - despicable - people who pushed patented synthetic penicillin 'sometime in the future' over currently available PD natural penicillin, during WWII's desperate times for the ill & wounded, are at it again.

Today we again face a crisis, one involving the climate and mass extinction ; one far worse than even whatever Hitler and Tojo could possibly dream up.

But once again, the same sort of wicked evil greedy people are trying to stall the move to ever-safe, ever-renewable, ever-abundant sunshine simply because it being PD and thus inherently 'free enterprise', its success will kill their monopoly and cartel swollen profits.

The finding of profitably pools of oil is extremely rare in this world, today rarer than ever, and the guys who find them first, hold all the oil cards.

Rather like the holding of an extremely broadly drawn Anglo-American 1945 patent on synthetic beta lactams, as codified by a very rare treaty between the USA and the UK.

Controlling most of the world's commercially viable oil supplies, no matter how value a weapon to hold over the rest of the world, is hardly of life and death import in the way that a broad patent for synthetic beta lactams would have turned out to be.

For all of the thousands of different antibiotics ever brought forth to the testing stage, almost all of the best ones were (and still are) beta lactams, almost all made from a base of naturally produced PD penicillin G.

They are basically the world's only defence against mass death by infectious bacterial pandemics.

Put another way, the monopoly on patented penicillin post 1945 would have been far more a powerful weapon to enforce Anglo-American hegemony than the equally-patented A-Bomb ever turned out to be ...

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