Wednesday, August 3, 2016

One can really only be a PD broadcaster, never a PD publisher

Once something is released into the Public Domain, becomes 'PD', one can no longer speak of it being controlled and published.

It is now as free and easy as the breeze itself - it has been broadcast, sown, into the wind : falling willy-nilly where it may.

I was a bit of a DXer in my younger days, devoted to picking up very distant AM stations on my cheap little table radio, so I could enjoy signals in metro Halifax Nova Scotia that came from faraway Havana Cuba or Buffalo New York.

I doubt that I was the target audience that businesses in upstate New York or Fidel Castro's government were exactly aiming for when they broadcast their signals into the ether, but that is the nature of broadcasting, be it seeds, spores or radio waves.

Publishers on the other hand are all about controlling their content, deciding on how it is to be presented, to whom and for what price.

And that control has only potentially increased in this age of the Internet ---- ask any library about all the new restrictions that came along with all those new-media e-books from the Big Five publishers.

In keeping with my interest in PD solar and wind energy versus the cartel control over oil and coal and with 'impure' Manhattan's theme of PD naturally grown penicillin versus patented man-made penicillin, the contents of this blog and book are also fully PD.

Once broadcast, I willingly accept that means I lose all control over it.

That means all manner of others can take it in whole or in part and publish it under their own name for profit.

Or simply past it on to others to read.


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