Monday, August 8, 2016

What would Henry do ?

We all have our own very good reasons for not helping suffering humanity:
  • We are so overworked on the job that we simply lack the time and energy.
  • Our bosses are really tightening down on us - or our all-powerful government is.
  • There are restrictions on where we can travel, what we can write, what we can do.
  • We have a lot of little kids to raise - or a handicapped spouse.
  • Or maybe we're dying of a painfully debilitating disease
Or maybe 'all of the above' : like WWII's Dr Martin Henry Dawson.

Still believe that just one person --- one overworked, over-burdened, over-censored, over-restricted and over-dying person --- can't possibly change our whole world, for the better, forever ?

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