Thursday, August 4, 2016

Totalitarianism : the one 'all around fit' surviving in the one only global niche

Totalitarianism is, deep down, Muscular Darwinism's 'survival of the one fit in a single globe-wide niche' against Charles Darwin's original 'survival of the many fittest in many niches'.

One might also almost call it Ballistic Modernity.

Recall that attempting to launch a ballistic object correctly on target requires an extreme act of faith that you have correctly calculated and adjusted for all the future variables that might pull the object off its normal trajectory.

Ballistics, the 'queen' science of all Muscular Modernity, required that you believe you already have all the correct answers to whatever questions the future might ask.

Because you believe that reality is only apparently complex and dynamic, a mere surface artifact , while deep down reality can really be easily reduced to a handful of simple, knowable, universal and eternal laws.

So why tolerate a useless, wasteful diversity of wrong niches, wrong opinions, wrong expertise, wrong peoples and species ?

Best just one big correct (eternally & universally correct) niche.

"Everything within the global niche, nothing outside the global niche, nothing against the global niche" to paraphrase Mussolini...

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