Thursday, April 21, 2016

12 photos of Martin Henry Dawson from the 5 decades of his life

From conception to premature death, Dr (Martin) Henry Dawson, 1896-1945, was on this earth for half a century and I have found a dozen or so photos of him (below this brief intro),
with at least one from each decade of his life.

He was a very serious and very studious man.

Very diffident, polite and modest in his dealings with his seniors (a man easily and perpetually under-estimated) but earnest and intense in public presentations and in private he had a dry biting wit and could always see the ironic humour in various situations.

Almost all the photos that I have found to date, from a wide array of social settings, reflect that that he seemed to have been inwardly serious from a very young age.

It may be that his facial appearance reenforced this part of his nature - compared to his parents and four older brothers, he was noticeably wider in the jawline than them, even as a child.

But his family did find one photo of him relaxed, laughing and holding a drink. And not surprising for a young boy from a very pious evangelical Presbyterian family who went away to the trenches of WWI, he even sometimes played poker and let the other players call him "Hank"!

His wive Marjorie was the near total opposite, a social charmer and so a good foil to Henry, usually able to get him to unbend and laugh.

Young Martin Henry Dawson in the early 1900s

McGill Resident 1920s Martin Henry Dawson

very sick Martin Henry Dawson, age 45, May 1942
Martin Henry Dawson McGill 1919
Yearbook Business Manager Martin Henry Dawson 1912

Martin Henry Dawson 1915  Cdn Medical Corps

1916 soldier Martin Henry Dawson
Martin Henry Dawson McGill Med grad 1923
1936 Passport Martin Henry Dawson
relaxed Martin Henry Dawson late 1930s
Blackstone portrait Martin Henry Dawson 1938
to attract Society patients 1938 Martin Henry Dawson

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