Sunday, April 17, 2016

Intellectually, same sort of people deny the importance of HGT & various holocausts

While only a very, very, small minority still publicly deny "The Holocaust", a lot more people deny the connectedness and the importance of the many genocidal holocausts of the 19th and 20th century.

Just as many (usually other) people still deny the importance or frequency of HGT, Horizontal Gift Transfers of fragments of DNA from one species or strain of life to another species or strain of life.

Intellectually connecting Skinheads & Scientists

Dismissing genocidal attempts to kill off all of an entire people because the number of dead was small and their culture unimpressive in comparison to a large civilization really says that that, deep down, many people still hold to the Modernist/Nazi claim that there really are peoples-worthy-of-life and peoples-unworthy-of-life.

Just as dismissing HGT because only Life's smallest beings do it, repeats that patterning of worthy and unworthy human life throughout the entire Kingdom of Life.

Intellectually, hard core Darwinists and hard core neo-Nazis are not really that far apart....

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