Friday, April 8, 2016

queen of today's science is Biology : non-man-made chemistry & physics

That Vannevar Bush wanted no biologists on his wartime OSRD team went unremarked at the time, then at the very apogee of Modernity.

After all what could mere non-human living beings ever teach us humans - Masters of the Universe all - about serious chemistry & physics ?

Seventy five years on, it seems apparently quite a lot.

After years when university chemistry department staffing steadily shrunk the world over, it has become the turn of physics departments to start doing the same.

The kids - the customers - are always right in the big big marketplace that is the modern university and the kiddies see the money and the opportunities as being as much in micro technology as it is in synthetic chemistry and theoretical physics.

the 'turn' to the natural *

This 'turn' to thinking of the natural world as being co-worthy with humanity is a marked change from the thinking under Modernity and in fact one of the biggest markers of our new post-modern, globally inclusive and globally commensal age.

And to think it all began almost silently during WWII, at the very height of Modernity, when Henry Dawson's fungus-slime-made natural penicillin quietly & unexpectedly bested the OSRD's dreams of human-made penicillin ...

* If you don't used the term 'the turn to' at least once in every two thousand blog entries, how can you expect academics in the humanities and social sciences  ever to take you seriously ?

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