Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Manhattan was the place, '45 was the date : pure modernity becomes impure modernity

R.I.P. Pure Modernity : 1875 - 1965

In 1945, with the twin failures of Auschwitz to liquidate Manhattan and of chemists to best the slimy penicillium, Pure Modernity ascended from its apogee down down in an abrupt death dive, down to its nadir  in 1965.

We now live in a new era, an era of Impure Modernity.

The era of Evolution by Exclusion has been replaced by the era of Evolution by Inclusion.

No longer do our scientists and academics seek to purify and drain the gene poll but only to expand it and diversify it.

In response, our university-oriented voting precincts have gone from being the best areas of support for the politics of intolerance and now are the most reliable bases of political support for tolerant values.

We've changed, profoundly, from our grandparents' and great grand parents' day....

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