Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Darwinism fails to explain Aryan defeat in two wars

When you combine military prowess, scientific and industrial strength, national cohesiveness, demographic numbers and strategic location, it is clear, that in both world wars, all the world regarded the Germans as the single most fit 'race' on Earth.

So according to popular Darwinism's view of existence as being an eternal enlarged case of mortal man to man combat, with the best man always winning and the weaker man always dying, Germany was scientifically bound to win out.

But Germany didn't -- instead it lost to an alternative (non-Darwinian) form of evolution - a large group of smaller weaker races succeeding by working together in a form of mutualism, rather like a bacterial biofilm or a colony of social insects.

But saying so was anathema in the Age of Modernity.

But the results of WWI should have been a wake up call, reminding the world of many similar examples from Nature, as when a clearly superior massive bear is lay low by a large pack of small, weak, but cooperating dogs.

Hubris almost always trumps Logic, among the highly cosseted educated

It is not strange that Hitler-the-rhetorician evoked his highly selective memories of WWI to support his claim that war was the surest way for the strongest races to rise up over the weak.

But what was strange was that so many well educated people (and not just in Germany either), people with much wider memories of WWI and its outcome, choose to believe him.

But what we need to remember is that until the mid 1960s, the strongest polling districts for right wing conservative parties world wide were the university towns, among the professors and students - drawn from the most privileged in society.

By any moral gauge,neither prof nor student really deserved their highly privileged positions and a rigorous commitment to logic and self examination, the supposed  virtues of a college education, would have soon revealed that.

So Modernity's educated choose instead to believe an amazing number of illogical - but self-serving - theories.

Since around 1965, the strongest poll districts for left wing liberal parties world wide are those same university towns ---- the strongest possible signal that self-satisfied Modernity definitely ended and self-examining Post Modernity had began...

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