Saturday, April 9, 2016

North American-style ethnic cleansing

North America hardly needed to go all the way to South African style overt apartheid, or East European murderous ethnic cleansing campaigns, to keep its unwanted ethnic minorities out of nice WASP upper middle class suburbs.

Not when North American voters, courts and local governments winked at restrictive covenants and private sector red-lining, which together with federal government approved minority group mortgage denials did the trick when old-fashioned "sundown town" practises of implied and actual violence against minorities around after dark became too notorious to continue after about 1948.

In an Age of Exclusion,where great efforts were made to see that every bit of reality was kept separate and pure, why stop the process at the mortgage broker's door ?

Admittedly, over time, the unwanted ethnic minorities were greatly re-defined.

After WWII, racists reluctantly had to accept that half a loaf was better than none.

Better to let former "darkies" like Jews, Italians, Catholics and Eastern Europeans to have their own ethnically-cleansed working class neighbourhoods, where gangs of of their own teenage youths could be relied upon to keep potential families the still dark races from Asia, India, Mexico or North Carolina from moving into 'white' neighbourhoods.

Yes, I am including Canada in all this : no evidence they were any different in moral kind from their American cousins.

Only that the situation was far different in terms of the size of the various ethnic minorities between the two nations : Canada had far fewer blacks, jews, latinos, but far more east europeans, aboriginals and french catholics.

But God judges moral intent, not skin colors, and I feel sure God saw no different in that department between these nations....

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