Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stalin & Darwin agree : "Evolution in One Country"

Nice to see good old Charlie & Joe finally paired up.

Joe is famous for advocating socialism within a single country --- Charlie for advocating evolution only within a single species.

Horizontal socialism and horizontal evolution simply wasn't on.

Charlie was dead set against species breeding with different species - he applied that thought with full force in his personal life because he and his family preferring to only breed with their very closest relatives, within their own species.

Darwin & Inbreeding

Inbreeding was what Charlie was into - and then waiting for the slow slow drip drip of incremental Progress and Evolution by tiny point mutations among individuals within that inbreed population.

Charlie then said that the full force of naked competition, red in tooth and claw,would ensure that those individuals with the superior mutations would become the new alpha dogs and over time their offspring would slowly slowly replace all the unfit within that species.

Species never ever miscegenate - this is Evolution by strict Exclusion.

This stuff definitely happens - particularly among the bigger beings on Earth - the ones that keep getting bumped off when the times get tough.

Evolution by Inclusion

But the smaller beings, the long term survivors, "the Lifers", don't hold to it exclusively.

They thrive partially because they also have Evolution by Inclusion : they'll take up a good new biochemical survival tip fron any old pond scum and incorporate in their own genetic library.

HGT and Endosymbiosis : take up a few genes from another foreign species or even enter into complete matrimonial union with another foreign species.

Its all done PD, no exclusive patents here.

By this method, good ideas quickly spread across the microbial world ,thus allowing at least some of it to survive every threat the world has thrown at it in four billion years.

Advanced human civilization is what , four hundred years old ? - and now about to face a huge global climate disaster, albeit of its own making.

Republicans want to patent crisis solutions

There is one school of thought - Republican and Conservative - that usually denies there is even a problem at all, but if there is one, industry will solve it, one exclusive patent at a time.

I am of the other school of thought --- the one that says lets take a page from the microbes' handbook, let's listen to anybody and everybody when it comes to potential solutions and when one works really well, lets tell everyone, make it PD, put the info into the public domain.

Because my mantra is that 'when we are willing to listen to anyone, everyone benefits' ....

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