Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why Oxford University, not Manhattan, to be capitol of Hitler's Anglo empire

Polyglot Manhattan, land of hundreds of different languages and cultures, was decidedly not Sir Howard Florey's cup of tea --- nor Hitler's either.

Both much preferred the purer refinement of Oxford University's environs.

But impure natural penicillin - wartime's penicillin - and still (75 years on) the base of almost all our life-saving antibiotics could never have been manufactured at Oxford or in Berlin.

Both were far too obsessed with purity racial and chemical --- both would still be chasing the chimera of pure synthetic penicillin.

Only in a city as relaxed in its own skin, as relaxed about its extensive miscegenation of cultures as Manhattan was, would have allowed an individual like Dr Henry Dawson to pursue his vision of 'impure penicillin for all'.

Impure natural Penicillin hand-made by those 4Fs of the biological world, the much despised fungal slime, and provided to save the lives of all, including the war-torn world's human 4Fs (literally and figuratively).

So my book is really more about today's impure Manhattan - as a riposte to Trump's vision of the world, if nothing else - than it is about wartime's impure penicillin from Manhattan ...

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