Sunday, March 27, 2016

Impure Manhattan as the antidote to Auschwitz's pure evil

Against the great sin of exclusion (in the name of seeking ever greater human purity and perfection) is the even greater virtue of inclusion.

Never more so than now, when the Earth and the human race face an environmental and existential crisis.

We need the help and the ideas of ALL (the 99 % plus 1) to get us through this crisis -- we can't let the fate of the world rest solely upon the unlimited wealth (but strictly limited brainpower) of just the world's 1%.

Because 'exclusion' was what the Nazis and Auschwitz was all about.

By way of contrast, the Nazis' contemporary Dr Henry Dawson and his little Manhattan Project was all about inclusion (with 'help from all', there is 'hope for all'.)

Manhattan Impure : Antidote to Auschwitz

So Dr Dawson deliberately made the very biggest possible inclusive tent and went out and recruited the help of those much despised 4Fs of the biological world - the fungal slimes - to produce Manhattan's 'impure' penicillin, the miracle that saved so many of the 4Fs of the human world (and so many 1As as well).

It was a lesson we postwar boomer kids never forgot.

Modernity's quest for ever greater purity in the most civilized of the human race had led down to Auschwitz's gates while the despised little fungal slimes had produced the great good of life-saving penicillin.

We were post-modernists before we were even out of our nappies....

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