Sunday, March 27, 2016

Antidote to Auschwitz : Manhattan 'impure'

Modernity's parents & grandparents could have dismissed Auschwitz as simply the work of a few misguided modernist zealots.

In fact, that is what they did do.

But their own kids weren't buying it.

After a war when so much killing was done in the name of Modernity's quest for ever greater human purity and ever greater human perfection, the little ankle biters couldn't help but notice that their teachers and parents had inadvertently offered up a more attractive alternative vision.

It was developed by Manhattan's Dr Dawson, during the war itself.

As out teachers loved to remind us :

"The great good that so many of you kiddies are alive and healthy at all is down to the wonder-working antibiotics, made by dirty slimy no account nothings found in some third rate jungle mud."

It was no contest which one  the six year old me preferred : impure-produced health & happiness over pure evil, any day ...

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