Monday, May 23, 2016

Hippies better at making war than making love ?

You all remember the Hippies  and their peace, love, and understanding. All that lovely-dovey, huggy-buggy inclusion stuff.

Placing flowers down the barrels of rifles : hardly prime war-winning material, the entire draft dodging deserting lot of them.

Not so.

Because the last Big One (DOuble'ya DOuble-ya Two) was actually won by the Allies' inclusive values greatly besting the contrasting exclusionary values of their more war-like opponents in the Axis.

Allies stayed together in defeat but Axis couldn't even stay together in victory

The world wouldn't stand up to bullies between 1932 to about 1942, which is why the hate-even-your-erstwhile-allies Axis won so many victories, picking off nations one at a time while their neighbours carefully averted their eyes.

But once the Allies started trying to be inclusionary, at least as inclusive as their own exclusionary values would let them, there was no holding them back.

In the end, the United Nations encircled the world and trapped the Axis.

No, the newer and often reluctant Allied nations didn't all fight, not by a long shot, but even in denying the Axis access to their  raw materials and war bases, while giving the same to the Allies, they did much to first restrain and then defeat the clearly superior fighting machine of the Axis.

The postwar world has confirmed that alliances with a higher commitment to genuine inclusion hang together better and present a more convincing united front, stopping many aggressors from going to war and reducing the length and severity of wars that do start.

Promoting superiority of the big going it alone, means big bears losing to large packs of small dogs

Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo saw the world as 'every man and every nation-race-species for his/them selves'.

Dog eat dog, law of the jungle, kill or be killed.

Big and as warlike as these three  nation-races were, their war was going nowhere fast when they started literally taking on the entire world, by putting even the most feckless nations on guard against them and their exclusionary philosophy.

The microbes have been inclusive for years - through their HGT (horizontal gift transferring) of genes amongst them all, they effectively form one globe-wide supra organism that has allowed these tiny beings to survive four billion years of the worst that reality can throw at them.

Call it 'microbial intelligence' if you will.

It brought us WWII's penicillin for example.

But then call what Germany did at Auschwitz during WWII 'civilized stupidity'- and this from what was generally considered the smartest  human civilization (intellectually, technologically and culturally) during the first half of the 20th century.

So : 'peace, love & understanding' as a superior instrument of war -- who would ever have thought......

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