Monday, May 30, 2016

Subsidizing the Inevitable

Why did tight-fisted Depression Era middle class taxpayers so willingly subsidize the sterilization of their less well off neighbours, particularly in the name of the inviolate Law of Nature that stated the superior races (themselves) would inevitably triumph over the weak (their neighbours), with or without the need to sterilize the weak and the poor ?

Why do we still spend tax dollars to make Nature naturally natural, again ?

Why do political parties who hold sacred the inviolate Law of Economics governing the free movement of goods, ideas, capital and labour not actually apply that belief to labour attempting to freely enter their nations' borders?

Why are scientists, 500 years into the Enlightenment Project, able to still claim that Reality isn't as complex and dynamic as it seems on the surface ---- because they are sure it has a deep albeit invisible calm simplicity lying somewhere beneath that chaotic surface ?

Inevitability, to you and I and even to deep deep thinkers, either is or is not --- it is not something that has to be subsidized, assisted, protected and nudged along.....

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