Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hitler removing from Europe a pretend fungus (the Jews) --- maybe ; but Hitler removing real fungus --- never

Adolf Hitler really got it wrong, metaphorically, when he called Jews a fungus and proposed that humans (Aryan humans) could easily remove them all from Europe and thus restore it permanently to its former state of racial purity.

True, the fungus will starve unless they are successful in dissolving the physical (and mental) bonds we use to try to keep 'pure' concepts like wet fluids and dry solids from co-mingling in a slime like fashion on top of a piece of damp wood.

The fungus are thus a highly appropriate metaphor for the intermingling hybridity that Hitler (and Modernity) so hated.

But the ever-spreading ever-enduring (non-metaphorical) fungus and their tiny tough invisible spores gently wafting over President Trump's border wall willy nilly are also among the best possible proofs that the normal natural un-nutured state of Reality is in fact impurity and miscegenation and HGT and hybridity and Metis and intermingled.

A constant reminder that Donald Trump's (and Modernity's) dream of a return to simple purity was bound to fail.

For Reality and Nature and Humanity and the Universe has never ever been "Pure" and never ever will be "Pure".....

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