Thursday, April 21, 2016

Modernity, R.I.P. 1945 : its delusions destroyed by human scientific "magical thinking" at the top and "microbial intelligence" at the bottom

Germany was long considered both the most scientific and the most cultured of all major human civilizations --- the very apogee of Modernity.

Proof positive, proclaimed Modernity's leading lights, that all the intelligence and civility in the Tree of Life was at the very top among the leading human nations --- and that all its stupidity and murderous intent was at the very bottom with the pathogenic microbes.

Microbial "Intelligence"

Until WWII, when Germany scientists, along with the Allies, totally failed to best the microbes' intelligence when it came to making life-saving penicillin.

We can't synthesize penicillin anywhere near as easily, safely and cheaply as the humble fungus slime can - and that's still the case seventy five years on.

Probably nobody in Germany noticed this failure, because its leading scientists and intellectuals were indulging themselves instead in some wildly magical thinking.

Scientific "Magical" Thinking

Theses "smartest beings in the universe" somehow deluded themselves - without any scientific evidence - that their murderous draining of Europe's gene poll of  all  its Jews, Roma, Gays, Handicapped, Socialists, etc could only make Germany bigger and smarter, not smaller and stupider.

These twin failures doomed Germany ----- and all Modernity.

Its Era of Exclusion ended and our present Era of Inclusion began....

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