Saturday, April 9, 2016

faith-based Age of Exclusion (1875-1965) vs current fact-based Age of Inclusion

During WWII, Allied governments and virtually all of their voters took it as an article of faith that when those governments passed new wartime laws banning any form of discrimination, that ipso facto all such discrimination was yesterday.

They didn't bother to check to see if frontline decision makers actually obeyed the new law.

I argue this was because WWII was the very apogee of an age of faith and it saw no need to seek confirmation from mere facts.

Our present 'Era of Inclusion' is a more cynical age and while governments still piously pass new laws protecting civil rights, vigilant minority-oriented groups closely monitor whether the laws are just for show or have real teeth.

And they & their allies complain loudly and publicly, before the courts if need be, if the facts show it ain't so.

Henry Dawson's battle with his era was far less about his promoting workable fungus slime-made penicillin over unworkable patented man-made penicillin and more about a devotee of facts lonely battling a world largely content to trust merely in faith....

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