Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pure Modernity becomes Diverse Modernity : Dawson's legacy ?

The original Modernity (Pure Modernity) had very high hopes indeed for 'purifying' all of Life's gene pools, though to judge by their 'success' with the English Bulldog, that would only have resulted in pure-breeding Humanity and Nature into rapid extinction.

By contrast, scientist Martin Henry Dawson's study of bacterial diversity had convinced him that the most successful lifeforms throughout history, the microbes, had survived four billion years because they evolved to support the widest possible amount of diversity.

In particular, the microbes survived dire change because they deliberately sustaining even those strains judged by scientists to be useless degenerate defective failures.
It was this knowledge that (a) led him to consider that the tiny simple primitive penicillium mold might just do a far better job making penicillin than the collective efforts of "the smartest chemists in the universe".

And it was this knowledge that (b) led him to advocate that instead of making patented pure penicillin in only small amounts for a select few as the Allied leadership intended, this impure natural (Public Domain) penicillin should be made abundantly and made available to all --- even those whom the scientific community considered to be unfit and unworthy of life-saving penicillin.

It is important to note that Dawson won this battle with the Allied leadership.

And that he won it two years before the world woke up to the horrors of Auschwitz - the date that historians cite as the start of the moment humanity moved from being purity obsessed and diversity destroying to the point where we relaxed and accepted (and even welcomed) as much biodiversity as possible....

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