Monday, June 6, 2016

WWII's ethnic prejudice never really changed - just died of old age

The global aura of ethnic prejudice that spawned and fuelled WWII's violence and hatred didn't stop simply because the guns stopped firing.

Instead it became less publicly assertive and moved underground and into private conversation.

If you love country music, you revere the names of Canadians Dominic Guarasci, James Amadeo and Myrna Petrunka.

No ?

Your tastes more All-American and totally WASPish ?

How about Loretta Lynn record producer Don Grashey and those two sweethearts of the rodeo,  Buddy De Val and Myrna Lorrie ?

Same folks, guys.

Yeah it was still routine when I was growing up for non-WASP Canadians in all walks of life to change their names to something more Anglo to get along -  and it continued to happen until at least the 1980s.

Only when most of the older folks, raised at teenagers in the Edwardian Era's hothouse atmosphere of casual Anglo imperialism,eugenics and racism, finally died or withdrew from the public sphere did the need eased off...

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