Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pure Auschwitz : antidote to impure Manhattan

Try just peering out once through red-rage-rimmed eyes, to view the twentieth century world as Hitler saw it.

Given his well known mid-1920s hatred for mongrel Manhattan (that ever popular symbol of 'impure' modernization's propensity for 'invasive' intermixing) it then becomes clear that early 1940s Auschwitz, Hitler's ultimate riposte of 'pure' modernity against impure modernization, seems almost foretold.

Literally, ironically, paradoxically, call it what you will : impure Manhattan and pure Auschwitz were made for each other

Auschwitz was designed to be the literal antidote for Manhattan.

As it just so happens, in the early 1940s Dr Henry Dawson had similar thoughts --- but in the totally opposite moral direction.....

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