Monday, June 6, 2016

we're STILL fighting for the second Double V victory, yes we are, yes we are

I don't remember the first of WWII's DOUBLE V victories, the fight against Axis, because I was born a few years after the guns stopped.

But I do remember the battles towards the second DOUBLE V victory, fighting the quiet prejudice against our fellow beings, hidden deep in the hearts of so many Allies and Neutrals.

For those battles are ongoing still.

In a small way, I was even part of them.

Because the middle level frontline managers of WWII's hatred machine , the teenagers of the Edwardian Era, were far too young to simply retire when the bullets stopped.

They carried on their own war, albeit in a more private and muted fashion, until death took most of them off the stage by the mid 1980s.

As a child and young teen, I got to know some of their kind, heard how they still thought about those they regarded as their lessors, in their private unguarded moments.

That's why I fought back.


Then in late 2004, quite by chance, I discovered that one of the biggest of the battles towards that second DOUBLE V victory actually happened during the shooting war and it was won by the good guys.

More specifically it was won by one good guy, a dying doctor who gave his all to save humanity from its worst impulses.

And a victory is still a victory, even if it is only known onto God.

But an awesomely inspiring victory can't truly be awesome or inspiring, not if it is so unknown that it inspires nobody and induces awe in none.

This is why I write the story of the unknown Dr Dawson and his demand that the Allies provide natural-penicillin-for-all, this is why I research the archives, this is why I rack my brain for the who, where, what when and above all, the why .....

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