Thursday, June 23, 2016

WASPs are always ex-pats and never 'illegals' while darkies are always immigrants and 'illegals'

left and right media agree on at least one thing --- their subtle racism

The far right mainstream media in the UK were oh so careful to portray a WASP terrorist who recently killed a Labor MP as a gentle soul who did the gardens of his elderly neighbours (who are all voting to Brexit).

They deliberately left out the fact that the man was also a member of both British and American (quasi nazi) racist organizations.

I doubt this would have happened if he had been a British born Moslem --- their kid glove treatment of this WASP killer was pure racism.

To their considerable credit, at least they put this terrorist and his successful effort to kill MP Jo Cox into their news columns.

In America by contrast, the mainstream press (both left and right) conspired together to barely mention that an illegal British immigrant (sorry, ex-pat) had for over a year planned to murder Donald Trump and recently finally attempted to do so.

Would they have downplayed this story, if the would-be murderer had entered the country illegally from a non-white country?

I doubt it.

In Canada last night the CBC TV's The National, usually seen as moderately left wing, was equally guilty of this sort of subtle racism --- referring, as always, to British immigrants as ex-pats in a story about the Brexit vote - while they always refer to the Syrians coming to live in Canada as immigrants.

I plan to file a complaint with the CBC but in my experience they give you an official-seeming long file number and then never call you again.....

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