Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit unites Left and Right in their mutual dislike of the Poles : rather like August 23rd 1939 in fact

The poor old Poles get it in the neck, again.

The Brexit question eventually turned over multi-partisan fears of unlimited numbers of immigrants wanting to come and live in Britain.

(Apparently being a nation extremely popular with foreigners seeking to migrate is a very bad thing --- while being a nation no foreigner ever wants to migrate, like ISIS or North Korea, is a very good thing !)

And whenever the question of immigrants to the UK arises, dire urban legends of the problems created when male Poles construction workers 'moved in next door' is sure to come up.

Left wingers in the rustbelt North of England and right wingers in stockbroker South rarely agree on anything, but Polish migrants are an apparent exception.

It all reminds one -  at least, it all should remind one - of August 23rd 1939, when BFF Molotov and Ribbentrop bonded over their mutual dislike of the Poles...

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