Thursday, June 16, 2016

surely everything that Humanity, a mere animal of Nature, does is natural

It was the hallmark of the non-God-fearing members of Panic Modernity (1865-1965) to believe that (a) 'Man' was but an animal of Nature and yet (b) almost everything that 'Man' did was not natural.

Even while the God-fearing members of that era persisted in believing that humanity were not mere animals, they were at least consistent in also denying that anything humanity did was 'natural a la Nature'.

So, back to the no-God-fearers : to them, if the beaver-the-animal built a big lodge for its family that was natural ---- but if humanity-the-animal built a big lodge for its elderly members that was un-natural.

And humanity putting its elderly in comfy lodges was not natural but humanity putting its elderly at the chilly edge of the snowy woods was natural.

Even when the highly natural fox, bear and beaver all put their elderly in comfy cosy lodging when winter approached.

Their ideas seems incredibly daft - and if they had ever actually been carried, they would have been incredibly daft.

But in practise, the only elderly ever put out to die at the snowy edge of the deep dark woods, a la Nature red in tooth and claw, were the poor whose publicly-funded institutional care the well-to-do objected to paying for.

So if a poor German family could somehow afford to keep old granny alive at home, on their own meagre tick, even the most vicious WWII SS members weren't about to break the door down and haul her off to the gas chambers.

Its only a glancing blow,then, to condemn Hitler and all the rest of middle class Panic Modernity for being incredibly heartless and cruel.

A more accurate and devastating blow is to dismiss them as just a small-minded bunch of penny-pinching bastards, rather like some of our councillors at most town halls even today ...

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