Thursday, June 23, 2016

nothing is, has, or will be pure : no man is an island - no island is an island

Pollsters given edge in today's vote on Britain's future to Isolationists, Appeasers ---and the 'pure' delusions of Auschwitz...

The same sort of people - in some cases, the very same people - who let Hitler roll all over Europe while they repeated their dismissive mantra that 'the Wogs start at Calais' - are at it again.

Supposedly its a vote among all the residents of the UK but headlines in the right wing Leave newspapers are all about 'England, England, England'.

Heavens know what their many UK readers outside of England make of this distain of not just Europe's wogs, but of the English internal empire's very own 'wogs' : the conquered Welsh, the Scots, the Irish, the Manx etc.

We do know how most these internal wogs are voting -- and now why.

For most, remaining in the EU's multi-national home is safer for their small minority than entrusting in an isolated and chauvinistic England's traditional hardly-tender mercies.

But if you are a wavering non-wog-hating voter in England today, please vote to stay : for no man and no island is ever an island, nothing is ever pure, everything and everybody is always impure and interconnected....

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