Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting pregnant by someone who didn't say they had AIDS --- or Mental Health issues

We are appalled today that anyone would impregnate someone without telling them first that they have AIDS.

The chronic disease AIDS, top scientists tell us, is both highly infectious (a sort of virus-caused 'genetic infection') and in a sense directly inheritable - a disease able to be directly passed on to the newborns of the pregnant woman.

These sort of 'infectious genetic' concerns are hardly new.

Seventy five years ago, top scientists also told us that all sorts of chronic diseases (laziness, lust and epilepsy among the hundreds of them) were both highly infectious and directly inheritable.

An endless number of chronic conditions, even things like alcoholism,criminality and idleness, were supposedly caused by a single dominant gene that was always passed on to the children of the person with those conditions --- through the 'genetic infection' of sexual intercourse.

The fixed assumption that the gene allele of the partner without these chronic conditions would be unable to be the dominant gene allele is another example of hypodescent.

Hypodescent is the belief that children from a mixed marriage between a high status race and a low status race always take on the racial characteristics of the low status race.

Yes, you read correctly : the weaker genes always - always, always, always - easily beats the stronger genes.

As I had said in an earlier post, this is really the erecting of a 'total barrier' taboo, completely designed to prevent people from ever finding out that the 'racial' characteristics of mixed race unions were in a word, mixed rather than exclusively from the lower status race.

Anyway, back then, most educated people believed this guff.

So it was as appalling to most of us then as the AIDS scenario is to us today, that someone would marry without first telling their potential spouse that they suffered from epilepsy.

Before dismissing ordinary people back then as idiots, let us however put the blame where it is most due : on the relatively few scientists who touted this nonsense and on the huge number of scientists who knew better but didn't grass on fellow scientists.

The blue wall of silence ('never grass') exists just as strongly among clinicians and chemists as it does among cops and crooks....

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