Thursday, June 23, 2016

shelter of a universally-superior English 'race' first rate idea to third rate Englishmen who would otherwise lose out if evolution pitted individuals against each other

Darwin and his cousin Galton, founder of Eugenics, saw evolution primarily as involving a competition between individuals within a species sharing the same environment in the same geographic space.

Not as a competition between species (or sub-species) occupying different environments in different geographic spaces.

"In Evolution, all the Apples don't compete with all the Oranges."

Bad news then for most of us, who could be described as second and third rate and thus certain losers if Darwin, Galton and all the eugenists are actually right.

That is why the far more popular idea - particularly among the second and third rate (aka Trump and Brexit voters) - was that the very worst of an entire superior race was far far better than the very best of an entire inferior race.

Thus was the (1865-1965) Era of Modernity based upon an entirely new theory of racism.

'The races' were now redefined from the original four, based largely on the color of skin, to about four hundred races based on every sort imaginable of major or minor ethnicity, religion and would be nation.

But since the Era of Modernity had already proven (at least to itself) that God's Providence, along with the magic of the Devil and witches didn't exist, it was hard to then account for the existence of evil and bad times in this Modernity world.

Sir Charles Lyell had also 'proven' that global catastrophes couldn't exist and the repeating rifle and Koch's serums and vaccines were already rapidly removing tigers and tetanus from the lists of evil.

But it was dangerous, as all second/third raters and bullies know, to blame equal sized rival superior races for evil --- much safer then to scapegoat a weak 'race' for all of your problems.

But if you are so obviously superior and they so obviously inferior how could they pose a realistic threat ?

Enter human Germ theory : invisible, weak, innumerable, these germ-like inferior races threaten to defeat superior races by a plague of un-sporting-like sly, sneaky, stealth.

The Race Card is still around, always will be around

Every generation is going to throw up second and third rate children from families, classes, ethnicities, religions, nations, races seen by themselves at least as clearly superior to others.

When, therefore hard-working talented individuals from the 'lesser' groups succeed well beyond the level of these third raters from the supposedly superior groups, the third raters are always going to need to seek weaker 'others' as scapegoats for their own personal failure and then try to play the race card and purity card.

And vote for Trump and vote for Brexit....

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