Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Double V, Double V Too ! : the OTHER Manhattan Project

It took a hell of a long time - almost an entire war in fact, before the Allied leadership (at least the NEW DEALER portion of it) accepted that Allied and Neutral citizens weren't going to fully support the Allied military effort until they saw proof the Allies were actually as different from the Axis as they had long claimed.

I believe that moment began when the US government and military bombers began flying abundant amounts of naturally-grown penicillin all over the world, to save Allies & Neutrals "4Fs and quasi 4Fs" dying for lack of it.

The elites of Churchill's conservative dominated  government, backed by the American Republican dominated scientific-medical elite, thought only a small amount of (synthetic/patented) penicillin should eventually be made during the war.

Made in quantities just enough to heal any lightly wounded Allied frontline 1A combat troops, so they could be sent back into battle ----instead of the children of these elites having to take their place.

So, no penicillin for seriously wounded (and thus soon to be discharged from military service) Allied troops, none for Allied POWs, none for dying Allied citizens, none for the infected and wounded in the Occupied lands, or for dying Neutrals and Axis citizens and soldiers.

Instrumentalism and utilitarian thinking : 'okay, some penicillin for troops still potentially 1A but bugger all for the rest, 4Fs and quasi 4Fs'.

In contrast, Dr Henry Dawson since 1940 had said "No !" to these elites.

He argued instead  for cheap abundant natural (available now !) penicillin for all ----- particularly for the 4Fs and quasi 4Fs, for only by helping to save people of no immediate use to the war effort, could the Allies put real meat on the bones of all their claims that they were morally superior to the Axis.

Producing his 'Manhattan Impure' penicillin to try and save SBE patients condemned to death by heartless Allied scientists and doctors because the SBEs had no military value because Dawson's own private Manhattan Project.

Instead, for most of the war, Jews were lynched in Russian Georgia by Axis troops while Negroes were lynched in American Georgia by Allied troops.

But when the few remaining New Dealers still in the FDR government by late 1943 took up Dawson's cause, his project's aims went from local and private to public and international.

Because, starting in September 1943 and until the end of the war and beyond, American Penicillin Diplomacy (the flying of penicillin to the dying worldwide) made more friends for America than its sabre-rattling over its better known Manhattan Project ( the atomic bomb) ever lost ....

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