Friday, April 29, 2016

all Biology is syncretic symbiosis --- the rest is just stamp collecting

It has long been established that all life on earth lives in a state of involuntary global commensality.

That is, we all dine at a common table -- dining off each other's table scraps consisting of a few precious materials (water, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, etc) biologically recycled through the world over and over.

But what is this "we" thing anyway - does it mean 'humans collectively' or does it not refer to the "we" of a single human body, that is in fact made up of trillions of cells from many widely differing species ?

And if we probe deeper, do we not find that even the "human" genome of the-surely-still-solely-human part of the human body is also a chimera, a syncretic assembly of genome bits from a variety of other species ?

Life is really very convoluted together : from dining together to dying together...

Methinks its time for a bit of an Evolutionary Reboot, Charlie ....

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