Sunday, April 10, 2016

Human Fragility : why most people (white & colored) can't accept that small weak microbes can be as intelligent as them

Oh yes, a big hat tip to Dr Robin DiAngelo who proposed the term "white fragility" to describe how few white people can address claims that 'we whites all benefit indirectly from systemic racism' without exhibiting extreme mental & emotional distress.

I feel some the same way as Dr DiAngelo, whenever I observe the reaction after I claim that Henry Dawson's scientific career was devoted to proving up the fact that life's simplest, smallest and weakest beings - the microbes - exhibit intelligent behavior.

And that many times and in many areas, they best the smartest humans in the Universe.

Dawson's key case in point - made during WWII - was when he demonstrated to the world that fungus-slime-made natural penicillin easily bested the failing efforts of the world's smartest chemists to synthesis man-made penicillin.

That's the science side of the issue : because - wait ! - yes there is plenty more.

Dawson's second key point was that if the fact that Life's smallest, weakest, simplest produced penicillin when we couldn't renders them worthy of dignity and respect from humanity, maybe humanity should follow that thought to its ultimate conclusion and show some of that respect to the smallest, weakest, simplest in the human species.

Please, he said to the Allies, please re-consider your Nazi-like decision to only give life-saving penicillin to the those you consider worthy and to deny it to who you judge unworthy.

After all the pond scum made their life-saving medicine for 'worthy' and 'unworthy' alike ---- maybe you should sink to their moral level ---- and do the same ...

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