Monday, April 18, 2016

Dynamic racially "impure" Manhattan : Sterile racially "pure" Auschwitz

Hitler, along with much of the educated world at the time, felt that America was certain to go down the tubes because of its free and easy racial mixing, above all in Manhattan.

Hitler was convinced that once his murderous programs had made Germany fully Aryan and fully racially pure, it would soar even higher than it already had, in culture and in technology.

The results of WWII - and the seventy years since - hasn't confirmed those beliefs, far from it.

Draining the gene pool never makes you smarter - just dumber

By contrast, during that same time period Henry Dawson encouraged DIY penicillin by all and sundry, convinced that only that would spur the production of "impure" natural penicillin needed to help a war torn world crying out for succour.

He felt sure that greatest possible amount of diversity was in and of itself highly dynamic and creative.

His mantra was along the line of "with help from all, there hope for all".

Today, as we face an even greater global crisis than WWII, it still looks like a rule to live - and to go on living - by .....

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