Monday, March 28, 2016

Modernity : 'up from primeval nano inertness to contemporary macro dynamism'

What a 'rags to riches story' the presiding elites of the Modern Era could - and did - weave about themselves !

Starting out as mere inert atoms and inert microbes and inert African pygmies, they had risen steadily up through the ranks of material life, on sheer talent alone, just as the prophet Charles Darwin had foretold.

Now they were all there at the top : all upper middle class professionally educated urban WASP males, dynamic strivers decisively and creatively running the show in the biggest most powerful most advanced civilizations on Earth.

Hey, in all history, in all the Universe : masters of all they oversee.

Their constant striving and intellectual talents had earned their steady rise through the countless generations, up from malleable, slave-like inertness to today's far-thinking, fast thinking, bold, action oriented leadership roles.

Their self-evident success justified their mastery over the inert slave-like being and atoms below them.

A rags to riches story need rags, even more than it needs riches, just as there can be no masters without slaves.

The Aboriginals - just like the atoms and the microbes - just had to be primeval simple and inert - just had to be born to be controlled, molded, discarded - or else all that old timey stuff about 'all men being equals' would come back and bite the powerful in their pocketbooks and privileges.

I might add, to the long list of objects & beings considered basically inert, the gene.

Mainstream modernity science, as well as the eugenicists ( let us share the blame fairly all around), could not conceive of there being any differences between the genotype and the phenotype : the gene were always full on, full stop.

In fact the instruction-oriented genes were full on, full stop, but exactly if and when and for how long and how hard those gene instructions were 'expressed' (acted upon) was dependent on other genes controlling them - ultimately based upon cues from the greater environment (including cues from other parts of that particular being.)

The inert nano genes were actually a very dynamic bunch indeed - complicating terribly the connect between potential genotype and actual living breathing phenotype.

And William Johannsen had been basically saying so since 1909 but his words fell upon the deaf ears of mainstream science.

Bad enough that darkies all over the world, in the years between the wars, were getting restless and demanding decolonization based on political and moral arguments.

Luckily mainstream Science was still upholding the Caste, still patiently explaining the inevitability of Darwin's hierarchy of  complexity and time arising gradually throughout time.

Biological science, Darwin's science, was still out there, daily proving and confirming that imperialism was natural & inevitable and hence morally right.

But then there were those pesky 'inside agitators' of science - thankfully still only a few.

People like physicist Paul Dirac, who insisted that far from being inert and eternally slave-able, the atoms were not just divisible into many tiny parts, they were also constantly dynamically popping in and out of existence as anti-matter merrily chased matter and vice versa.

And medical doctor Henry Dawson, who in pursing his research on various forms of microbe intelligence had found that the equally 'inert' germs were actually at least as clever, as least as quick and dynamically active, as any civilized man, when it came to dodging death and ruin and maximizing their potential happiness.

What really exploded with violent force over Hiroshima in 1945 was that quaint old high school science teacher cant that the slave-like atom was totally inert and eternally indivisible --- what really died a quick death in most hospitals in that same year was the scientists' claim that the primeval fungus were far too stupid and inert to best the civilized chemists at making the lifesaving penicillin.

It wasn't just Hitler and Mussolini and Tojo who died at the war's end : so did all Modernity --- in Axis, Allied and Neutral country alike ....

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