Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pure Neo-Darwinism just dog whistle code for pure WASP ?

It is always interesting to discover that the most ardent and 'purest' of Neo-Darwinists are seemingly likely to also be English and Protestant (middle class and male, too, but we'll overlook that for the moment!)
European biologists, for example, are always being faulted by them for failing to adhere to every last jot and tittle of their Neo-Darwinist dogma.

Even Americans aren't as quintessentially 'pushy' in this area as these folks from Home Counties England.

Now that they've lost the Empire, Europe and soon Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well, one supposes that Darwin (along with Shakespeare and Britpop) is about all they have left to offer world culture.

If I was reduced to my intellectual uppers, I, too, would fight like the Devil to remain the high priests of Evolution theory....

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